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Reynolds played the leading role in a number of box office films, including The Longest YardSmokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run He used television fame to secure leading roles for low-budget films and played the titular role in Navajo Joebefore playing the title character in police drama Dan August June 24, Full Review…. Keisha evans big tits. Already in danger of arrest from redneck lawmen like Buford T.

It truly was a waste of my time, and I wish it had never been made. Smokey and the bandit nude. The various police forces that try to nab the Trans Am of course end up flippin' over, crashing into each other or getting dunked into ditches. Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. Unless you really enjoyed the first two movies and have some sort of sick curiosity, I suggest you avoid this abortion of a movie at all costs.

This movie is so bad, I will not even call it a movie. There are times where a film feels like a desperate attempt to keep a dead franchise resuscitated, and this is such an example There have been lots of dumb and unnecessary sequels throughout the history of Hollywood, but "Smokey and the Bandit Part 3" was sure a doozy.

A long sequence feature Ku Klux Klan members attacking two black truck drivers is tasteless and poorly realized, and is indicative of the movie's general theme -- crude sequences thrown together with little rhyme or reason. Gleason is the real show here, but it made Burt a huge star.

In the first Bandit movie, the idea was a simple challenge and bet. Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Burt Reynolds Reynolds in Part 2 was a very odd sequel. Chloe lesbian sex scene. With a tagalong, Dusty Trails Colleen Camp; I swear this is the poor girl's character's name in the film! Thumbs up, am I right? May 5, Full Review…. Not solely of course, but these fast drivin' Southern cowboys really grabbed the public's attention back in the late 70's. Car stunts, romance, and salty language in s comedy.

Actually the whole 85 are kind of arbitrary. Season 2 The Walking Dead: He cast Reynolds in the lead role based on having heard Reynolds read Shakespeare in class, leading to Reynolds winning the Florida State Drama Award for his performance. And Cledus picks up a disgruntled commercial worker Colleen Camp. It just can't be done. Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 Buford is relentless, even as the Enos duo elicits the assistance of a "new Bandit", Cletus Jerry Reed, still plenty appealing and relishing the chance to be in the driver seat for a change instead of second fiddle to Burt Reynoldsto secure the shark himself, offered the same reward if he can make the trip in a few days time.

Gleason is an absolute riot.

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Oh yeah, what can you say about a race movie so bad that even Hal Needham won't direct it?

Its like watching an old episode of Benny Hill with flabby earlys nude people frolicking amidst quick editing cuts. American naked porn. Online Film Critics Society. Reynolds played the leading role in a number of box office films, including The Longest YardSmokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run Smokey and the Bandit part one, that is was a really funny movie with a great Burt Reynolds.

Gleason and Henry got some giggles out of me, and I love Reed even if his role is overwhelmingly reduced in relation to Gleason's. So hold onto your butts and enjoy this Hot Man Retrospective. The Bandit gets into various scraps and sticky situations along the journey from Texas to Georgia, but naturally evades most cleanly. I'm going to be nice here and try not to diss this movie. Smokey and the bandit nude. After the play closed, the director, John Forsythearranged a film audition with Joshua Logan for Reynolds.

If anyone's curious about the overabundance of continuity errors, well, there's your answer. Numerous drive-by shots of the now famous black Trans Am both near, far and wide, some in the rain, some in the gleaming sunshine, tyre spins, skids etc The main thing I remember is that there was always a grip following Mr.

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It was so bad that I forgot how it even ended. Not solely of course, but these fast drivin' Southern cowboys really grabbed the public's attention back in the late 70's. Girls tumblr naked. Underrated, yet over appreciated, retarded yet genius. The dialogue in this film was unbelievable. It is funny, and the cars and trucks are awesome, but this seems to take the easy way out and isn't what it could have been. Along the route they are assisted by many other big rig drivers and locals that all believe the Bandit to be a local southern hero.

If you liked Snowman in the first two, well this is your movie. It just can't be done. Jerry Reed as Cledus. Audience Score Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively. Mtv nude pics. Reynolds underwent back surgery in and a quintuple heart bypass in February The sequence belonged in a better movie, but sadly, that will never happen now.

Mike Henry I as Junior. Season 3 Fear the Walking Dead:

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