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If so, he could have just watched the string release, meaning the bolt hadn't left the crossbow yet. Is that relevant here Well i assume that geralt reflexes should be at least on the human peak so a milisecs reaction time even when most of the time he is blitzing other humans, according to the the world of the witcher he has a potion that increases his reflexes by a tenfold, the only known potion that does that is blizzard so if he takes it and it increases his reaction time by a factor of 10 then he should react fast enough to avoid getting blitzed.

I just don't see a gearless MC taking down a standard gear Geralt. Filipina lesbian orgy. Master chief naked. Geralt has still reacted to actual teleporting opponents though. It's a game element designed to look cool that doesn't take into account whether the enemy is wearing plate armour, a t-shirt, or nothing at all. Geralt is much more experienced in melee combat MC's a soldier. He caught three rounds in his side—knocking the breath from his body.

Also Geralt has way more experience in close quarters combat. MC has done some pretty incredible things even while unarmed though, the books are a gold mine for that, and even without his armor he still has some serious cybernetic enhancements as well as enhanced bones and such.

A burst would certainly be lethal. The penalty for breaking the rules of this sub, contributing to spam, trolling, or purposefully making things more difficult for the mods may include being banned. Naked Tyrant is an achievement in Halo: That's exactly the point.

As well as that there's also a big difference between regular plate armour and Wild Hunt armour. Sexy young girls in yoga pants. He stood, and let the rounds deflect off the armor. Comments that are memes for the sake of memes will be removed as well.

For a guide on flairing and how to filter out flairs you don't like, click here. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Geralt sees this guy and some is paying him to take him down. Comments consisting of a single image or gif to provoke drama or as a non-responsive reply to the thread.

The only two things Geralt would have to worry about is Chief's superior strength and hand to hand skills. He had to do the calculations to make sure. He has the speed to blitz arrow timers, the strength to throw people through walls with a single hand, the durability to tank hits from multi-tonners and an actual weapon which he is skilled with.

Geralt has his standard gear circa Witcher 3 Master Chief is Halo 3. If you think someone has a better argument than me, upvote them and then add anything you can to support their argument. Also lethality is something relative it depends on the place even a bb gun can kill you if aimed right so its not just about the size and speed of the projectile but the placement.

Downvoting will never be allowed on this sub. Amazon women nude tumblr. I realize I'm arguing with you even though we agreed, don't mean to be a dick just wanted to mention these two things as well.

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Despite the fact that they could send people in exo suits flying 8 meters away? As long as it's coherent, we accept it, even if it's not realistic or scientifically accurate.

Northern Wind would almost certainly net Geralt a better shot at taking Chief down. Busty milf porn. Without the signs I thing MC takes it, but they are simply too strong against an unarmored, unarmed opponent no matter how strong they are. I don't really feel absolutely certain of that though. An AK round travels over twice the speed of sound, whereas stun rounds as I mentioned are considerably slower. Master chief naked. Halo Wars Series Halo Wars. That wasn't my intention. MC has done some pretty incredible things even while unarmed though, the books are a gold mine for that, and even without his armor he still has some serious cybernetic enhancements as well as enhanced bones and such.

Log In Sign Up. Also Geralt has way more experience in close quarters combat. After the sniper had already fired the first round You don't hear him running until after the round is fired. Half naked wedding cake. Striking is distinctly above lifting anyway. A normal person isn't going to percieve something like that virtually at all, and lacks the speed to actually do something about it if they somehow did. Aard will take him by surprise to some effect. To my knowledge, we have two argued feats that could support it There's also his dramatically altered time-perception, blitzing every other human being, and that literally being his stated ability with no reason to doubt it.

That's not counterevidence to what was previously explicitly stated and supported. Is that relevant here?

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But from what I understand of Geralt he's used to killing all these crazy beasts and stuff, right? MC has better feats but I don't think it's reasonable to assume he's way above Geralts level here still. The gel can become presurized enough to crush a spartan in their own suit, thats just how powerful it is. I can get you academic sources for real world swords cutting through bone, but plate armour is a completely different thing entirely. Milf riding dick gif. Technology Technological Achievement Tiers.

When possible they avoid humans, but when not possible, they kill them, and without much difficulty. If you're going to repost try to broaden or change the discussion to keep it fresh.

Point is, authors can say things that are wrong. You can be banned for a first offense.

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I also see some people saying what you're saying if MC gets close he wins and while I don't know as much as you about MC, keep in mind that Geralt is an absolutely legendary fighter and he has Aard similar to Force Push that he has used against foes with more pure strength I think than MC.

He was unsure that he even had a change in perception. Free babysitter lesbian porn. I just don't see a gearless MC taking down a standard gear Geralt. The combat in Halo is specifically the way it is so that the characters can dodge projectiles such as plasma bolts and rockets, yes, however I wouldn't use that as evidence to suggest everything is occurring at a different rate of time.

Been writing down gag ideas as I play Halo: Wasn't Masterchief's face leaked on the web in Halo 3? Overall, I believe the fight would be over in less than 10 seconds, with Geralt having a very slight advantage due to his signs.

There should plenty of plate there. Master chief naked. Natural pierced tits Actually, they didn't even mention what kind of reaction time they measured. Geralt and John have both been trained since a young age, but the Spartan program training and augmentations have turned John into something that not even Geralt can deal with.

It would take two or three platoons of conventional Marines to take that bunker. That stuff gave MCU Iron Man ridiculous feats like sending tanks flying by charging into the ground at high speeds. Art of Halo 3.

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