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Lesbian chastity stories

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Sarah stripped her of her silky dress and kissed her slim waist and then her breasts.

In one smooth movement, Sarah rolled on to her side and positioned Amy head between her thighs. Sarah retrieved the key from her swimsuit and reopened the locker. Milf pick up tube. She closed both her mouth and her eyes and tried to taste the woman above. Lesbian chastity stories. Sarah walked in wearing a red fitted shoulderless gym top and white cotton shorts that only just covered her butt. They were a deep brown and perfectly matched the colour of her hair, only more vibrant.

A story about a slave girl whose clit gets permanently knocked out of commission, among other things Blondie And The Slaver Girls Of Bondos: She could barely slip a single fingertip underneath the steel plate. And the strangest of all is happening inside her very own head.

Retrieved May 7, Create your own unique profile Directly contact other members Submit, vote and comment on stories Start your own niche interest Group Talk to new friends in the chat rooms Listen to audio sex stories. As Sarah pulled it up between her legs she let out an audible moan. His cool neighbor Michele knows what we do in her guest room before I come downstairs for this smoke. Naked wide hips pics. Her face turned from a smile to a scrunched-up display of anger once she saw Amy crouched in the corner.

She tied a small length of dental floss around the small wardrobe key and then pushed it against her wet vagina and massaged it until it slipped inside her. It's pretty obvious that you wanted to use it again. Their lovely brown colour and long lashes would soon be looking at only one thing.

Racheal pulled Cammy next to her and slid her right hand into Cammy's latex thong and pulled out a very wet finger. Sarah waited for the song to finish before she turned the key, keen that Amy would hear the lock engage. Secret Mission by Mistress Daria Price: I am your keyholder now and I and I alone decide when or even IF you will be unlocked.

The once professional brunette had composed herself a little, but the crotch chain was still sending waves of pleasure through her, pleasure that she was totally unable to stop.

She was planning to find a way to leave home and her father as soon as she could. She could just about reach through and touch the fabric of Sarah swimsuit but still there was no reply. Amy sat up disappointedly. A married woman strays, and her husband gives her a choice: I haven't used it in months. An impressive collection of stories featuring the likes of self-bondage, mummification, latex, and more!

If only Sarah could reach that key, then she would be free and able to get her hands on the beautiful brunette above her. Amy wore a short blue floral dress that gave her an innocent, elegant look. Then she would have a choice: She stood up from the bed and stepped over the kneeling brunette and only just remembered in time that Amy was still chained to her shorts.

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She found the key to the handcuffs and released herself from the table. Fucking of big tits. Ass babes foursome Sandra parker cage fucking What would those beautiful eyes look like when they controlled her? She could earn her freedom, as Megan had euphamistically put it. Hope you write more. From Recluse To Slave: Andrea marked it as to-read Sep 12, She felt her heart race.

One afternoon in particular stands out from all the rest. A place that had never seen so much kissing. Lesbian chastity stories. Oh my… why is she doing this?! Comments 0 Thank you! You're the one who kept that chastity belt. From Cammy's closet, Racheal pulled out two dresses, one red that was very stylish and had matching 3" heel shoes, several pairs of hot pants and some crop tops. Amy was now sitting on the floor in ecstasy, if a little anxious as Sarah was acting the role play so well.

Women of various ages starring a blasting collecton of sex in cage videos, top scenes which are to dazzle and provide unique moments of adult satisfaction. Jennifer lawrence naked porn pics. Racheal then told Cammy to strip and kneel on the floor with her legs spread open and hands palm up in each thigh.

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This time, her self-imposed penalty is simpler and harsher. She pulled the key to the bike chain from the back pocket of her tight damp shorts and popped open the lock before walking unsteadily to the bathroom.

Is this what she sees fit as a punishment? Sarah could imagine the junior member of the law firm being intimidated by Amy as she clipped around the office in her heels and expensive suits.

I slipped my middle finger down, right to the source of her heat. Unfortunately Sarah could see none of the beautiful clothes as Amy helped her climb inside and sit down between the dresses. Mar 23, James rated it it was amazing. When her roommates rat her out to the Head Mistress, Princess Donna, Chastity is faced with the choice of being expelled for her lesbian conduct, or going through a rigorous lesbian reform program under the Head Mistress's tutelage. There was almost no warning.

No matter how hard you try: Down between her legs things could be anonymous. Why leave all the self-abuse, dumb ideas to guys?

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